3 Best Treatments for Closing Teeth Gaps

3 Best Treatments for Closing Teeth Gaps Posted on 4/12/2021 by Sundberg Office Diastema or tooth gaps occur when a person's teeth are small for their jawbone. In-order to fit properly on our jawbone, the teeth are spaced out, and as a result, big gaps can form in-between our teeth, especially in the two frontal, upper teeth. Some other causes of diastema include:•  thumb sucking •  gum disease •  teeth shifting •  broken teeth •  missing teeth •  overgrowth of frenum While there is nothing wrong with having tooth gaps, and there are quite a few top models in the world who have happily embraced their tooth gaps, some people are conscious about their smile and seek treatments for closing their diastema. The 3 best treatments for closing teeth gaps are:


Braces are the most common treatment for closing diastema or teeth gaps. Wires and brackets are used to tie the teeth together. The pressure exerted from the braces brings the teeth together and closes the tooth gap. For best results, your dentist will typically advise you to wear braces for more than 2 years. You will also be given a proper guide on how to eat, brush and floss your teeth while wearing braces.

Veneer and Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is the quickest and easiest way to close tooth gaps. A resin mixture with a composite bond will be prepared to match the color of your teeth. It will be applied directly to the gap that needs to be closed. A special light will be used to harden the resin and composite bonding mixture and to hold it in place. It is a painless, fast and inexpensive procedure for closing your tooth gap. The only drawback of this treatment is that with time, the resin mixture may come loose, break, chip or discolor. Veneers are shells that are made from porcelain or ceramic to match the shape and color of your teeth. These shells are placed directly over your teeth to fill gaps. These are more durable as compared to dental bonding and do not get discolored with time.


Your dentist may suggest surgery to close your tooth gap if it is caused by the overgrowth of a frenum. A frenum is a gum tissue that is present between the upper, frontal gums and teeth. The excess growth of this tissue could come in between your two upper front teeth and cause a gap between them. Through surgery, the excess tissue can be removed to naturally close the tooth gap. If you are unhappy about your teeth gaps and would like to receive one of the above treatments to correct the imperfection, then visit us at PDX Center for Dentistry. Samuel Seo, DMD and Dr. Seo can help you find the best treatment for closing your teeth gaps.

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