Portland Teeth WhiteningIf you were to ask us what the most effective way to alter your smile was, we would tell you teeth whitening. Teeth whitening has the potential to make the most dramatic difference in the appearance of your smile, especially when you consider how quickly it can be done and how cost-effective it is. At PDX Center for Dentistry, we always want you to be happy with your smile and know how big a difference teeth whitening can make. When you choose a professional teeth whitening service from us, you can count on the best results and price.

At-Home Teeth Whitening

At-home teeth whitening is by far the most popular option today. Oral hygiene companies have found a spectacular selling point with the additions of teeth whitening agents. Everything from toothpaste to mouthwash claims to whiten teeth now. We must admit that it’s a very enticing offer. You have to brush your teeth all the time anyway, why not have it whitening them at the same time, right? The concept is great but the delivery of most of these at-home teeth whitening products usually falls short. Most of the products that claim to whiten teeth do a very poor job of actually whitening teeth because they have a low concentration of the active whitening agents. Not only are the concentrations of these agents too low to significantly whiten teeth, they are placed in products that have a typical application time that is much shorter than what it requires to whiten teeth. The end result? With at-home whitening methods like toothpaste and mouthwash, you only end up whitening your teeth a shade at most over the course of several months. We have a better solution!

Professional Teeth Whitening

We have two different varieties of professional teeth whitening procedures. We offer a convenient, at-home tooth whitening solution that allows you to whiten your teeth over the period of several weeks. We also offer an in-office method that only takes about an hour and can give you the white teeth you want.

At-Home Professional Whitening

This method usually takes two visits to our office to accomplish. During the first visit, we will take an impression of your teeth so that we can craft a tray that is designed to hold the whitening agent in place. This tray is custom fitted to your mouth and is worn for a few hours a day depending on the amount of whitening you desire. On your second visit to our office we will give you the custom tray, as well as the whitening agent and all special application instructions.