Portland VeneersAt PDX Center for Dentistry we want you to be proud of your smile. The life of your teeth is a hard one, filled with lots of dutiful chewing and plenty of pressure. We eat and drink so many different things that stain and damage our teeth, but they just keep on diligently doing their job. After the things that we put out teeth through, it’s no wonder that they look a little worse for wear. Fortunately, we offer several cosmetic dental options that can revitalize your smile and give you a look you have always wanted. Porcelain veneers are among the most powerful cosmetic dental options that we have available to us. Using porcelain veneers we can give you the aesthetic you want!

What is a dental veneer?

A dental veneer is a very thin strip of porcelain that is custom-crafted to fit over your teeth to give them a new look. Because porcelain is so good at matching the aesthetic of real teeth, no one will ever be able to tell the difference between your real teeth and your porcelain veneers.

Problems Veneers can Fix

Because veneers are placed on top of your natural teeth, we can fix a wide variety of issues that other cosmetic solutions cannot. Using porcelain veneers we can:

•  Fix crooked teeth
•  Alter misshapen teeth to look more uniform
•  Fix spacing issues like teeth that are too crowded or are too far apart
•  Make small teeth appear larger and large teeth appear smaller
•  Fix any coloration issues that may be plaguing you
•  Repair or hide cracks and chip in your teeth

Aside from a lost tooth, that list covers just about any cosmetic issue your teeth could experience. That’s how powerful porcelain veneers are. Because they can be used for so many different cosmetic dental applications, they are one of our most popular procedures.

The Procedure

Having veneers placed will take at least two trips to our office to complete. A preliminary visit is required to make sure that we understand your concerns with your teeth and so that we can build a treatment plan for you. During the first visit, we will take some impressions of your teeth that we will use to create your veneers. We will also prepare your teeth to receive the veneers by shaving off some of the enamel. If we don’t remove some enamel from the outside of your teeth, the veneers will appear too large to be real teeth. Once we have the veneers ready, it will be time for the second appointment where we will place the veneers on your teeth using a permanent dental cement.

Taking Care of Your Veneers

It is important to treat your veneers with care because they can be damaged if you chew on hard substances like ice or use your teeth as tools to open packaging. Chewing on your nails can also lead to chipping and cracking of dental veneers. Make sure to brush and floss regularly. Please call us today at (503) 546-9079 to schedule your appointment. Remember that we recommend coming in for a professional cleaning and examination at least once every six months so that we can stay on top of your oral health.