Cosmetic Procedures Should Be Done After Restorative Procedures

Cosmetic Procedures Should Be Done After Restorative Procedures Posted on 11/9/2020 by Sundberg Office Many of our patients want bright, white smiles for a variety of reasons. Of course, our team would be happy to oblige. However, not everyone is a candidate for whitening and similar cosmetic procedures. One common factor that might result in a disqualification – or a postponement at the very least – is when one or more of the patient's teeth are damaged or infected. In such cases, attempting cosmetic procedures would be harmful to the patient's oral health.

Attemtping Cosmetic Procedures with Damaged Teeth Can Cause Additional Problems

One common restorative procedure is whitening or bleaching. When done by our team, our professionals use a variety of chemicals that temporarily damage the enamel in order to remove stains. If these chemicals were to come in contact with a chipped tooth, an infected tooth, or any other form of open dental injury or infection, the pain to the patient would be substantial. In addition, exposing a vulnerable tooth to chemicals associated with cosmetic procedures could make the damaged or infected tooth far worse, turning what could have been a simple cavity in a tooth that now requires a root canal or even an extraction.

Ways of Dealing with Damaged Teeth

Bonding works with teeth that are chipped or have similar physical damage with no underlying root pulp damage. When the physical damage is moderate or severe, a patient may opt to have a veneer – a type of tooth cap – placed over the tooth. When the root pulp is infected or necrotic, a root canal may be necessary, which is often followed by placing a crown on the tooth. When a tooth cannot be salvaged, our team will recommend an extraction, followed by either a dental implant, a dental bridge, or a set of dentures to fill the gap left by the missing teeth. If you have questions about restorative or cosmetic procedures, contact our office for a consultation. Our office will help you formulate a plan for long-lasting oral health care.

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