Crooked Teeth Lead to Missed Debris When Brushing

Crooked Teeth Lead to Missed Debris When Brushing Posted on 10/5/2020 by Sundberg Office Maintaining good oral health can be difficult with crooked teeth. The individual is not usually to blame as it can be very difficult to brush teeth obscured by others. It can occur, when a patient has crowded teeth, that one tooth has moved in front of another. This means that the tooth in the back is not getting sufficient dental care and is more likely to suffer from tooth decay. Crooked teeth can obscure food debris which can be damaging to the tooth's enamel.

Can Crooked Teeth have an Impact on My Health?

Missing debris when brushing crooked teeth may not seem like a huge issue at first, but its consequential effects can be damaging to your dental health. This is because leaving food debris in the mouth can cause oral complications such as tooth decay and gum disease. Food can contain harmful ingredients, such as sugar and acidic substances, that can break down the tooth's enamel and promote the growth of harmful bacteria. If this is allowed to occur frequently, tooth decay can begin to develop, especially if you find it difficult to remove plaque from a crooked tooth.

How to Amend Crooked Teeth

You should come in and see one of our dentists as crooked teeth can present a number of issues, as previously mentioned. Having them realigned is in a patient's best interest and our oral professionals will be able to advise you the options available to you. Usually, a patient will need to have braces for 18 months to achieve straight teeth. This will prevent food debris and plaque build ups from being obscured by crooked teeth. In the meantime, making sure to floss crooked teeth and the addition of mouthwash into your oral hygiene routine will help eliminate any debris that you may have missed. To book an appointment, please contact our office.

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