Portland Dental CleaningsWhen it comes to preventing decay, disease, and damage, no one does it quite like the PDX Center for Dentistry. Our preventative dentistry program is unlike any other, and we take pride in our experience and ability to clean your teeth to ensure that you are safe and secure in your smile. Nothing is more important when it comes to preventing future problems than taking care of your teeth now. Our goal is to do just that and to improve the quality of your teeth, both from within our office and out.We will keep your teeth clean while you are here and help you to develop a good routine for home.

What Is a Dental Cleaning?

A dental cleaning is a professional cleaning that is exclusively conducted by a dentist or a certified hygienist. While you may be great about brushing at least twice a day and flossing at least once, there are still pieces that you are likely to miss. That is where we come in. We do a deep cleaning that only we can do to get as much bacteria and damaging substances off your teeth and gums as humanly possible without damaging them whatsoever. We are skilled and have the best technology to do so without pain or hassle.

What Is Involved With a Dental Cleaning?

When you come in for a cleaning, there are some things that we will do. While there is not necessarily a particular order that we will follow, we do have a set list of procedures to accomplish. One of these is to safely remove all plaque, tartar, and calculus from your teeth. Bacteria thrive on these substances and consistently attack and wear down your teeth. They also leave waste behind that leads to decay and infection. Getting rid of their food sources and habitats means not only a healthier smile but a healthier whole body too, as the bacteria likes to travel and lead to other issues such as heart disease or strokes. We may also use a scaling or root planing method to ensure that we get all of the problem areas cleared out. We can also at this time polish your teeth. This allows us to remove surface stains and brings out the natural shine and whiteness of your teeth. You will leave with a sparkling smile.

Is That All We Do?

Nope! When you come in for your cleanings, we will also perform a comprehensive examination which includes a cancer screening, an examination to find surface decay, cysts, gum disease, gum pockets, and x-rays to detect rising problems below the surface. Cleaning is important, but the checkup will include even more benefits for your oral health. It is essential to keep up with each and every scheduled check-up here at the PDX Center for Dentistry so that we can help you to keep up with your oral health. We want your happiness and health to last for a long time, and this is a great way for us to keep you at peak strength. Schedule an appointment today and let us take care of you!