Help Figuring Out Which Toothbrush Head is Right for You

Help Figuring Out Which Toothbrush Head is Right for You Posted on 11/25/2018 by Sundberg Office Your toothbrush is one of the most important tools you have to take care of your oral health. Along with flossing, brushing your teeth for two minutes at least twice daily can go a long way toward preventing severe dental issues. But how do you know which toothbrush head is right for you?

Choosing a Good Toothbrush Head

Choosing a toothbrush head that is right for you can be overwhelming. There are countless brands, bristles, and choices most people grab the prettiest one and are done with their shopping. It is essential to consider a couple of things when selecting your next toothbrush. •  Bristles. Even though manufacturers offer soft, medium, and firm bristles, there is no reason to use anything other than the soft kind. In some cases, extra soft is what works best for a patient, for example, when he or she has sensitive teeth. Hard bristles can also damage the surface of the enamel if you put too much pressure. •  Head size. When choosing a toothbrush, you should always look at the size of the head. This is extremely important and will allow you to reach all those critical spaces in the back of your mouth. The area in your mouth is limited and using a toothbrush with a large head is not a good idea because they are difficult to move around the mouth effectively. People often don't think about the head size in a toothbrush as an important factor when selecting a brush. Even if you have a larger mouth than most, you want to make sure that your brush fits properly and can do the job. If you are interested in an electric toothbrush, you will notice those heads are much smaller than manual toothbrushes. We can give you more information about which toothbrush head is right for you when you come in next or give us a call.

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