How a Toothache Can Turn Into a Dental Emergency

How a Toothache Can Turn Into a Dental Emergency Posted on 11/10/2019 by Sundberg Office Toothaches can be signs of bad things to come if left unchecked. Toothaches can be the cause of a wide variety of things stemming from poor dental hygiene. Typically, a toothache presents itself as a slow or dull ache, but can also be extremely painful depending on the cause. It is important to have any pain checked immediately, so that the cause can be corrected and not develop into a more serious issue. Toothaches, depending on their cause, can indicate early signs of dental decay. At early stages, dental decay is not extremely detrimental to a person's teeth, but it can become so if not treated properly. The reason dental decay is a problem when dealing with toothaches is that bacteria have eaten the enamel on the surface of the teeth causing them to become sensitive and ultimately ache.

How We Can Help Solve The Problem

We will need to use different methods of correction depending on how the bacteria have damaged a tooth. Most commonly toothaches are caused by small cavities created by these bacteria. These cavities can grow larger and larger until they are major dental problems. If not treated in a timely manner, cavities can grow into more serious cavities which will jeopardize the structural integrity. After the tooth loses its strength, it is more likely to break, chip, or fracture due to stress from eating or biting. It may be impossible to save a tooth if it breaks severely enough, and it will need to be removed from the mouth. After a tooth is removed a new host of problems is presented as the teeth adjacent to the removed teeth will likely shift into the empty space and may change the bite. If your bite changes drastically, it could cause jaw problems or problems with the muscle in the jaw that are not easily correctable. If you are experiencing problems with toothaches, please give us a call immediately to schedule an appointment. At your appointment, we will find the affected tooth and proceed with the best actions to correct the problem. As mentioned above, it is necessary to catch the problem causing a toothache early on so that it will not become a greater problem in the future.

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