Ignoring Oral Health Can Hurt Your Overall Health

Ignoring Oral Health Can Hurt Your Overall Health Posted on 12/21/2020 by Sundberg Office Good oral health is vital, both for the mouth and for the entire body. Health problems that originate in the mouth can quickly spread to other parts of the body, causing a variety of complications and illnesses. Because of this, our team strongly urges our patients to establish and adhere to a regimen of good oral health care to prevent the severe complications associated with dental diseases.

Bacteria-Related Health Complications

The bacteria that cause gingivitis and periodontitis also increase patients' risks for strokes and heart disease. This is because the bacteria trigger blood clots when they enter the bloodstream. Mouth bacteria that arrive in the lungs can cause or catalyze respiratory problems. Also, inflammation of the gums and mouth can lead to inflammation in the brain, which can also lead to early-onset dementia. Bacteria from the mouth can endanger a pregnancy when the bacteria invade the fetus, leading to complications such as premature birth and underweight babies.

Additional Complications Enhanced by Poor Oral Hygiene

Bone loss in the mouth can have a severe overall effect on patients' mouths and bodies. Bone loss in the jaw caused by problems such as periodontitis can lead to rapid teeth loss, facial deformations, and widespread weakening of neighboring bone structures. Periodontitis and diabetes have a strong connection, with either condition dramatically increasing the risks of contracting the other condition. Not treating bruxism – the grinding of teeth, often during sleep – causes a variety of problems such as damage to teeth, temporomandibular disorder, headaches, and poor quality of sleep. When dealing with dental diseases, prevention is the best strategy, followed by early detection and treatment. Letting oral health complications thrive and evolve can have catastrophic damage on patients' entire bodies. Contact our office as soon as you suspect any signs of oral health problems. Our professionals can perform dental exams and the services necessary to fix or mitigate your oral health problems.

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