Improve Oral Healing with a Saline Solution

Improve Oral Healing with a Saline Solution Posted on 12/25/2016 by Sundberg Office Following any type of disturbance in your mouth, you should rinse your mouth out with a bit of a saline solution to help promote healing. This is true for minor issues like gum irritation from a piece of food poking your gums, to bigger issues like having a tooth extracted. This can even be used to help speed up healing when you have a piercing somewhere in your oral cavity.

What a Saline Solution Does

A saline solution has salt in it, and that salt helps to rid your mouth of bacteria. The more bacteria you can get out of your mouth, the faster your mouth is going to heal, and the sooner you are going to feel better. You should be using this solution to rinse and spit 3-4 times each day for at least 2-4 days following the issue for best results. If your dentist tells you to do it longer, listen to them.

Creating Your Own Saline Solution

A saline solution is easy to make. Get yourself about 8 ounces of warm water. Add about one teaspoon of salt, and mix. That’s it! Use that to rinse your mouth out, and make sure to spit it in the sink when you are done. When you need help with healing something in your mouth, make sure your dentist knows about it if it was moderate to severe. A minor burn from a hot bite of food or a poked gum from a potato chip shouldn’t be told to the dentist unless they begin to swell and get hot. If you want to speed up the healing of anything else in your mouth, use the saline solution regularly. If the area is not healing up within a day or two, contact our office for more help!

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