Oral Health Benefits of Eating Lots of Veggies

Oral Health Benefits of Eating Lots of Veggies Posted on 11/16/2020 by Sundberg Office Adding vegetables to your meals comes with many health benefits, including improved oral health. A diet rich in vegetables is necessary to provide your body with the minerals and nutrients it needs to fight oral infections such as plaque, periodontal diseases, and gum inflammation. In addition to containing calcium ions that help make your teeth stronger, veggies are also sugar-free, which makes them important for oral health.

Benefits of Veggies To Your Oral Health

Vegetables are sugar-free and hence deter the accumulation of infection-causing oral bacteria in your mouth. Veggies are also vital for healthier teeth and gums. They reduce the chances of cracks in teeth and gum infections. With an increased intake of vegetables, you significantly reduce oral bacteria and improve your oral health. Another advantage of vegetables in your diet is that it reduces the chances of heart infection, which occurs when bacteria from the mouth cells move from the mouth to the heart through blood circulation. Lastly, vegetables are essential in reducing tooth decay chances by protecting the tooth enamel from cavities.

Nutrients and Minerals in Veggies That Is Good for Your Teeth

Veggies contain calcium ion, which makes teeth stronger, enabling you to ingest hard foods. Secondly, they have magnesium ion, which strengthens the teeth, hinders cavity infections, and nourishes the tooth enamel. Vitamin K is also vital in the blood clotting process; therefore, it helps reduce blood loss during dental treatment procedures. Another vital component in veggies is Vitamin E, which is responsible for reducing the gums' inflammation, thereby lowering the chances of periodontal infection. Vegetables also contain antioxidants, which prevent harmful bacteria from infecting oral wounds, promoting faster healing. Vitamin C is also necessary to protect your gum cells from infection and damage, reducing gum bleeding. Eating both raw and cooked vegetables is suitable for your oral health. Raw veggies, especially after meals, will help clean the food particles that may have remained on the teeth. Apart from improving your oral health, vegetables are also crucial for your overall health. Our experts may assist you with the different types of vegetables that will help improve your smile your oral health. You can reach us for more details about the impact of vegetables on your oral health.

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