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Should You Be Brushing with Baking Soda Toothpaste?

Posted on 11/23/2016 by Sundberg Office
A toothbrush with baking soda on it.
Baking soda toothpaste is great for your teeth, more often than not. Baking soda itself has wide applications, and has been used for years to keep teeth clean. If you have tried using only baking soda to brush your teeth, you likely know how much of a pain it can be.

That's why manufacturers started putting in the toothpastes they were selling. You get the clean you want, without the mess you don't!

Good Reasons to Use a Toothpaste with Baking Soda

Baking soda has been shown to help whiten teeth when used on its own, so when you use baking soda toothpastes, you can then keep your smile naturally bright. It has also been shown that it can help to keep your teeth cleaner than if you were to use a toothpaste that does not contain baking soda.

Plus, when you use a toothpaste with baking soda, you get the benefits of baking soda without the common gritty feeling that you would get when trying to use baking soda alone.

If you really want, you can even make your own baking soda toothpaste, but it is not often recommended. It can be inexpensive and simple to make, but it leaves your teeth without the benefits of the minerals that come from a standard toothpaste, namely fluoride. The ADA has not approved toothpastes that are made at home or that only use baking soda for this very reason.

Anyone wondering if baking soda would benefit their smile, the typical answer is yes. However, to know for sure, call your dentist. Go in and speak with him or her, and let them tell you what benefits you may see.

Contact our office to schedule an exam and a consultation with your dentist today, and let your future with baking soda toothpaste be determined by the professional who knows best.

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