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Should You Fear Pain When Getting Dental Trimming Before Veneers?

Posted on 11/15/2017 by Sundberg Office
Dental Veneer PDX Center for Dentistry OR 97205
If you find yourself reluctant to open wide, whether it's because you have a lot of fillings, or because you have chipped, discolored or uneven teeth, veneers could be just the thing to get you smiling again.

Veneers are usually made of very fine porcelain, but are nevertheless very resilient, helping to strengthen your teeth as well as enhance their appearance.

They can also be altered easily to exactly match the shape, size and shade of your other teeth for an even, natural look. But too many people are put off taking advantage of veneers because they fear it will hurt. So what are the facts?

Dental Trimming

When applying a veneer to a tooth, it is important not to make the tooth thicker. This could cause ongoing discomfort as well as giving your teeth an uneven appearance.

So as part of the process of preparing your teeth for veneers, it may be necessary to use a dental bur to shave away a very thin layer of tooth enamel from the surface of your teeth.

There is usually a little discomfort associated with this trimming procedure. If you have any tooth decay this may take longer, as all the damaged parts of the tooth will need to be trimmed away.

However, when it comes to healthy teeth, modern veneers usually require very little enamel to be removed, meaning it will only hurt very briefly if at all.

Even better, depending on your teeth and your circumstances, you may be suitable for prepless veneers, which do not require dental trimming to be carried out.

So what are you waiting for? Don't let unfounded fears keep you from the smile you have always wished for. Get in touch with us to find out about the veneers we offer to suit you.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us at (503) 546-9079 today.

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