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Dental Benefits You Get from Regularly Eating Greens

Posted on 5/13/2018 by Sundberg Office
Eating Greens PDX Center for Dentistry OR 97205Healthy eating is one of the most important things you can do for your overall health in general and your oral health in particular.

Fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamins and minerals, and are low calorie, so you can eat them as much as you like. You may be wondering, what dental benefits you get from regularly eating greens.

Which Are the Best Greens You Can Eat?

Leafy greens include lettuce, parsley, spinach, and kale among others. One of the main ingredients of this type of foods is calcium which promotes bone health.

If you don't like to eat salads, you can always cook your spinach or kale. Another delicious alternative is making a green smoothie or adding them to a pizza. In either case, you will get the benefit of all the nutrients in these delicious greens.

Spinach for Strong Teeth

Out of the list of leafy greens that are recommended for good oral health, spinach stands out as a super food. Spinach is packed with 13 types of antioxidants and a good amount of iron, as well as vitamins Vitamin A, C, and K.

On top of all of these properties, spinach is also full of calcium and beta carotene - good for strong enamel - fiber, protein, and folate. As you see, this is one of the most complete foods you can add to your diet and there is the potential that it could help prevent gum disease and cavities by keeping your teeth healthy.

A diet rich in greens is very important to your oral health. If you have more questions about what the best greens are to eat for a healthy mouth, make sure to ask our dentist or hygienist. They will be happy to give you more information.

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