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Mouth Guards Do a Lot to Protect Your Mouth

Posted on 3/10/2019 by Sundberg Office
Mouth Guards Do a Lot to Protect Your MouthMouth guards can greatly improve the quality of life for many people. Sometimes they are used for prevention and safety, and other times they are to correct a condition. Here are some of the ways that mouth guards protect your mouth.

Mouth guards are often used in various types of sports. They help to protect the players. Football, basketball, and soccer are just three of the sports where players might use mouth guards. The player will clamp down on the guard while playing to protect his or her mouth in case of a fall or a hit.


The proper name for grinding of the teeth is bruxism. Often, it takes place while you sleep. Grinding your teeth can hurt your teeth and your jaw, and can lead to many different problems. For many teeth grinders, a mouth guard can make all the difference. It will protect your teeth while you sleep.


If you snore, it can affect you as well as your spouse. There are many different causes of snoring, and just as many treatments. One simple thing that has helped many people is using a mouth guard at night. The guard helps the user to breath differently while sleeping, and might make a real difference.

Some topical medications are best applied by using a mouth guard. It will help to make sure that the medication gets where it needs to be, and in the right amount.

These are just a few of the reasons why we might recommend a mouth guard. They can help some people to stay safer, and they will help others to sleep better. If you think that you might benefit from a mouth guard, come talk to us. There are different types of mouth guards, and we will find the one that will work the best for you and your situation.

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