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Signs of Tooth Infection Spreading to the Body

Posted on 1/25/2021 by Sundberg Office
Signs of Tooth Infection Spreading to the BodyToothache is a common dental issue experienced by many people, but also one that people often tend to overlook. It all starts with a sore, throbbing tooth, which, if left untreated, can spread the infection to other parts of your body.

Early Symptoms of Tooth Infection

Other than a throbbing tooth, there are many other early symptoms of tooth infection that include:

•  Sensitivity to hot or cold food
•  pain in the jawbone
•  bad breath
•  swollen cheek
•  fever
•  sensitivity to pressure in the oral region
•  unpleasant taste in the mouth
•  tender lymph nodes in the neck

Signs that Tooth Infection Is Spreading to the Body

If the tooth infection isn't treated from the get-go, it begins to spread to other parts of your body. Signs that your tooth infection has spread elsewhere in the body include:

•  you feel unwell and experience dizziness, headache, and fatigue.
•  your face begins to swell, and the swelling is likely to hinder breathing, swallowing, and makes it difficult for you to open your mouth.
•  stomach pain followed by vomiting and diarrhea.
•  your breathing rate tends to increase with over 25 breaths per minute
•  dehydration with a reduction in the frequency of urination.
•  fever with chills, sweating and flushed skin

When Is the Right Time to See Your Dentist?

When experiencing pain in your tooth, it is best to get it treated right away and get it checked by your dentist.

While not all toothaches transform into serious health concerns, it is ideal to get it checked at the earliest.

If your toothache lasts longer than a day or is followed by symptoms like red gums, swelling, fever, difficulty swallowing, pain when eating food, and trouble breathing, book an appointment with PDX Center for Dentistry, where Samuel Seo, DMD and Dr. Seo will get to the root of your problem and treat it accordingly.

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