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What Are the Benefits of Mouthwash?

Posted on 2/8/2021 by Sundberg Office
What Are the Benefits of Mouthwash?Mouthwash is an effective and convenient way of caring for your teeth on the go. It is also an excellent supplemental form of oral care that can be used in conjunction with good brushing and flossing habits. Mouthwash is capable of penetrating between teeth and reaching where other treatments do not. Whether you are protecting against disease or just need to freshen up your breath, mouthwash is the way to go.

However, not all mouthwashes are the same. Mouthwash is divided into two main categories based on the type of benefits they provide. Choosing the right mouthwash can help you get the most out of your oral care habits and keep your smile looking great.

Biological Benefits

Mouthwashes that offer biological benefits contain active ingredients that affect the bacteria in your mouth. These types of mouthwashes can kill the bacteria that cause bad breath and plaque. They can also contain antibiotic chemicals to prevent infections, which is typically a concern after a major oral surgery.
Mouthwash can be prescribed by our professionals if you have specific oral health needs. You can also pick up a quality mouthwash from your local store by looking for the ADA seal. When in doubt, our professionals can always help you choose the right mouthwash.

Cosmetic Benefits

Some cheaper mouthwashes do not have any significant active ingredients, but they are not completely without value. These types of mouthwash are more targeted towards freshening up your breath when you are in a time crunch. They act to mask bad breath and often provide a pleasant aftertaste, such as peppermint.

If you are not regularly using mouthwash, then you are missing out on several oral health benefits. Correcting this issue is as easy as adding a quality mouthwash to your medicine cabinet. Call our office if you would like more information on the many benefits of mouthwash.

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