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Can Lasers Help Treat Tooth Decay?

Posted on 2/22/2021 by Sundberg Office
Can Lasers Help Treat Tooth Decay?While it may seems like a feature of the future, laser dentistry is actually quite common today. Traditional cleanings and other procedures do have their benefits, but they also have their limitations. Laser dentistry sets out to not only improve upon these basic procedures, it also helps make it more effective in helping to prevent tooth decay.

What are the Applications of Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry helps both us and patients alike by making procedures simpler. Canker sores can be treated by laser dentistry. Root canal, gum disease, and gum inflammation can also be treated by laser dentistry. Similar to the reduction of gum inflammation, gums can also be reshaped by lasers with minimal pain. Yet another similar feature is exposing wisdom teeth by reducing the gums to expose the teeth. Oral tumors or obstructive tissue causing sleep apnea can also be removed more easily thanks to laser treatment.

What Laser Dentistry Can Help With In-Depth

There are two main types of procedures treated by means of lasers. They are separated by hard tissue and soft tissue procedures. Hard tissue procedures involve your teeth, and soft tissue procedures will involve your gums.

Lasers can be useful in diagnosing cavities and other harmful presences in your teeth or surrounding tissue, and all with great accuracy. Low intensity lasers can be used on teeth to whiten them, speeding up the bleaching process. Lasers can also kill bacteria and help wear down the teeth with minimal pain in the case with cavities.

Soft tissue is where laser dentistry especially excels in. Gum disease and inflammation can be reduced. Gums that are folded due to dentures can be worn properly and with minimal pain along with improved healing time compared to traditional procedures. If you have any questions on if or how laser dentistry can help you, please contact our office today for more information.

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