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Benefits of Bone Regeneration

Posted on 3/8/2021 by Sundberg Office
Benefits of Bone RegenerationYour jawbone plays an instrumental role in the health, function, and esthetics of your mouth and face. This means it can be a major cause of concern if your jawbone starts to deteriorate. Jawbone deterioration may be caused by infection, trauma, tooth loss, and aggressive gum disease.

At PDX Center for Dentistry, Samuel Seo, DMD and Dr. Seo can recommend various treatment options to maintain and restore the quantity and quality of your jaw, including bone regeneration treatment.

What Does Bone Regeneration Treatment Involve?

Bone regeneration treatment is a minimally invasive oral surgery that is performed to prevent bone loss and encourage bone development in low-density jawbones. At PDX Center for Dentistry, Samuel Seo, DMD and Dr. Seo can perform this procedure under local anesthesia so that you remain very comfortable during the procedure.

We will create an incision on the gums to expose the underlying bone that needs to be augmented. If there are signs of infection on the bone, we will remove the diseased part and disinfect the area. The grafting material, which can be harvested from human, animal, or synthetic sources, is then placed into the jaw cavity and covered with collagen that will boost bone growth.

The wound is then sutured closed and the jawbone is allowed to regenerate. This process takes anywhere between four to 12 months, depending on the condition of your jaw.

Benefits of Jawbone Regeneration

Bone regeneration procedure may be required to:

•  Improve Dental Support: If the deterioration of your jawbone is not treated properly, it can lead to the loss of your teeth. With the bone regeneration treatment, we can support your teeth and prevent further loss of teeth.
•  Preserve the Integrity of the Bone: Once a tooth is extracted, the bone at that site will start to deteriorate. To prevent this, we will augment the empty tooth socket with a bone grafting material to preserve the quantity of bone in your jaw.
•  Support Dental Implant: Dental implants are prosthetics used to replace missing teeth. However, dental implant surgery is only successful when your jawbone has good bone density. Hence, bone regeneration therapy may be necessary before the surgery.
•  Support Facial Muscles: When your jaw deteriorates, it will no longer be able to provide support to your facial muscles, which will sag. As a result, your face will lose its esthetics. Bone regeneration can prevent jawbone deterioration.

A low-density jawbone can lead to functional and esthetic issues. Fortunately, we can help you retain the strength and stability of your jaw. Call us today at (503) 546-9079 to schedule a consultation with us.

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