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Hand holding Clear Invisalign® Aligners in Portland, OROur teeth are important parts of our lives, whether we think so or not. After all, you use your teeth for some of the activities most vital to your daily life. From eating to speaking, ensuring that you have healthy and strong teeth is one of the best ways to ensure that you lead a life that is overall healthy, both in body and in oral health. There are a variety of treatments and procedures that you might find yourself needing over time, but few of them are as simple and as beneficial as using Invisalign aligners.

What are Invisalign aligners?

Many of us are familiar with the process of receiving braces to straighten teeth and move them to the most effective and beneficial places in the mouth. Traditional braces are a complex affair and take a long time to put on and to do their job. They require multiple trips to the office to adjust and refit them to ensure that they are doing the job they need to do. They are an important part of oral health care, but they are not the only option. In fact, they are not even necessarily the best option for many patients given today’s advancements in dental care.

Invisalign aligners work to straighten and reposition your teeth. The aligners themselves are clear and are made of hard plastics. They are custom-fitted to your mouth and to your teeth to ensure that they fit well while moving your teeth. Thanks to the current technological advancements, Invisalign aligners can be used to help treat a broad range of dental issues and concerns.

What can Invisalign treat?

There are a wide variety of issues that Invisalign aligners can treat, in fact they can treat many of the same issues as regular braces. Whereas many dentists will turn patients away because they lack the skills required to treat more serious cases with Invisalign, Samuel Seo, DMD is well verse in treating serious issues successfully with this system. We can treat the following issues using the Invisalign system:


When the teeth on the lower jaw protrude beyond the teeth on the upper jaw, that is referred to as underbite. Underbite can occur due to missing teeth in the upper jaw and sometimes because the lower jaw grows longer than it ought to. Issues that are common among patients with underbite are TMJ pain as well as damaged teeth.


The opposite of an underbite, an overbite occurs when the upper teeth are far beyond those in the lower jaw. This issue can result in TMJ fatigue and pain along with damage to teeth and even gum and bone problems. Typically caused by genetics, overbites are not easily preventable but they can be treated using Invisalign aligners.


When teeth on the bottom jaw rest in front of the teeth in the upper jaw in one or more places, the issue of “crossbite” is said to be the problem. This issue can affect teeth on the front or the sides of the mouth. Issues that accompany crossbite are excessive wear on teeth and jaw fatigue.

Gapped Teeth

When teeth have too much space between their neighbors, some problematic issues can arise. For one thing, when too much gum surface is exposed during chewing, it can pose a danger to the health of the gums. When foods come into close contact with the gums while chewing, they can become lodged between the teeth and gums, eventually causing an infection. This can be caused by genetic issues or teeth that are lost and not replaced.

Overly Crowded Teeth

When there isn’t enough room for all of your teeth to fit in your mouth overcrowding becomes an issue. Overly crowded teeth can result in jaw pain, teeth not fitting together properly and severely crooked teeth.

Open Bite

When some of the teeth in your mouth are unable to come into contact with the teeth on the opposing jaw, it is referred to as open bite. Issues that accompany open bite are pain while chewing and TMJ problems. Usually, open bite is caused by a genetic issue, but can also be caused by thumb sucking. Many times this can lead to speech impairments.

How do Invisalign aligners work?

Invisalign aligners work by making use of 3D imaging technology to help plan out a comprehensive treatment plan that is unique to each patient. This plan will show the initial position of your teeth and then go through stages. Each stage will show the progress that the aligners should make in realigning your teeth, and then the final result will also be shown. Once this treatment plan has been generated, you can begin treatment. You will use Invisalign liners that are made of strong, clear plastic to provide almost invisible guidance for your teeth. You wear each “stage” for about two weeks, and then you swap it out for the next stage. This continues until the treatment has been finished and your teeth are in their new locations.

What are the benefits of Invisalign aligners?

With Invisalign, you can drink and eat what you want. You no longer have to avoid “sticky” foods that could get stuck in your braces, for example, because the trays can easily be removed and then replaced when you are finished. You can also floss and brush as you normally would. There are brackets or wires to adjust or to cause irritation to your mouth, which means that you will spend less time in the office getting adjustments.

We have specialized in Invisalign aligners for many years and have the experience required to treat whatever issue you have. Don’t settle for braces when you can have the superior solution of Invisalign.

To learn more about how Invisalign aligners can help you meet your oral health goals, contact us today at (503) 546-9079 to schedule an evaluation!

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