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Benefits of Dental Implants

A Dental Implant is the only way to provide a true restoration of a missing tooth, not just the placement of a false tooth. While many patients are concerned with the immediate aesthetic of a missing tooth, we take into consideration the immediate aesthetic, the function, the health, and the long-term aesthetic of the patient. By having a tooth implant placed, we are providing our patients a full restoration and taking all of those elements into consideration. Working with Samuel Seo, DMD, and our staff at PDX Center for Dentistry, we can examine your teeth, review any missing teeth, and help you determine if dental implants are the right option for you.

Dental implants come with a large variety of options. There are implants that vary in length and width, including longer implants for the attachment of immediate dentures, or mini implants for patients who are looking for less invasive treatment. Once the implant is healed, you can use the implant in combination with a singular dental crown, a bridge, a partial denture or even a full denture.  

Why replace missing teeth with a dental implant?

When a patient loses a tooth they tend to do one of two things, ignore it or replace it.

Ignoring a missing tooth can have serious consequences. There can be adjustments to your ability to chew, to speak, or your look. Missing teeth leaves room for other teeth to shift out of your control, creating changes in your bite and possibly causing TMJ dysfunction.

Replacing your missing tooth with a bridge or denture may seem like a good option, but without the stabilization of root, you are only solving some of the problems. False teeth that are placed with the assistance of neighboring teeth can assist with your look and function, but can not make the necessary connection with your jaw. The jaw bone will atrophy, causing changes in your facial shape and require adjustments to your prosthetic to fit properly.

The best, and only fully restoration, is done with a surgical placement of a dental implant.

How does a dental implant work?

A dental implant is designed to replace a missing tooth root. This can confuse patients who assumed it was used to replace a tooth. A dental implant works by rebuilding the base, or the foundation, of the missing tooth. When a patient has lost a tooth, they also lose that important structure, known as the root, that stabilized the tooth and created the connection between the tooth and jaw. The implant will serve as a new root. The implant itself resembles a screw, it is of similar shape, size, and design. Implants are made out of titanium, titanium has been found to be a strong biocompatible metal that is lightweight and durable. With the new root in place, we can then attach the correct prosthetic to the implant, giving the patient a permanently stable restoration that does not rely on neighboring teeth and will continue to pass motion from the tooth through the root and to the jaw, keeping the jaw healthy.

At PDX Center for Dentistry, our staff is happy to examine your mouth and review your options with you specific to your needs. We can review your teeth using digital x-rays and discuss the best treatment options for you, which may include Dental Implants.

For questions, or to schedule an appointment, with Samuel Seo, DMD, contact our Portland office at: (503) 928-5903
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