Portland Dental ImplantsIn decades past, most dentists have assumed that people have three sets of teeth in their lifetime: their primary teeth, their permanent teeth and then their dentures. Dentures are an uncomfortable, though for many, inevitable step. At PDX Center for Dentistry, we can help. We can permanently replace missing teeth, retain bridges and retain dentures by surgically placing a firm post, known as a dental implant. Are you missing teeth? Do you want a restoration that will look and feel natural? A restoration that no one will ever have to see of see the effects of? Dental implants are changing the world of dentistry, and how we think of facial appearance with aging. We can help you look and feel younger. Samuel Seo, DMD knows that you deserve the comfort and happiness of not worrying about your teeth, not worrying about your bite adjusting, not worrying that your denture will slip, and not worrying if you can chew your favorite foods.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are a metal post that we surgically implant directly into your jaw bone. This post will then serve as a permanent foundation to support dental prosthetics. Once healed, we can place a dental crown over the post or use it as an anchor for a bridge or denture device. No messy adhesives, no loose or shifting appliances that rub and irritate your soft tissues. The placement of a dental implant can dramatically improve your overall comfort, your health and your confidence, while allowing you to regain your function.

How Implants Work

Your implants are titanium metal posts, titanium is the metal of choice for surgical procedures by surgeons for bone repair all over the skeleton. This is because titanium has the unique properties of being biocompatible. Your body will not reject it, and in fact heal around it, fusing it to your bone. Samuel Seo, DMD inserts the post into your jaw, and as the bone heals, it heals and grows around the bone, making the post a permanent fixture. Once Samuel Seo, DMD determines that the post is firmly secure, the post is then ready to anchor your dental appliance.

How are Implants beneficial to my health?

Our team at PDX Center for Dentistry is happy to show you the benefits of dental implant for your specific needs, the benefits include:

•  Implants are beneficial to the health of your bone. Missing teeth results in the immediate loss of bone, which absorbs without the activity and pressure of chewing to stimulate it. Implants provide the stimulation needed to keep bone healthy.
•  Missing teeth can cause a certain amount of collapse in your facial structure. Often giving the appearance that we associate with looking older. Implants can fill out your face and give it the lift that is needed.
•  Implants help restore your ability to chew. Missing teeth limit the chewing of foods that you love, we can help you regain function and ability.
•  The placement of implants improves your bite by stopping the possibility of shifting. When teeth are missing, the remaining teeth are then open to the chance to move or drift out of place. This movement will affect your bite, and can cause painful jaw problems, known as TMJ dysfunction. The results can include not being able to open or close your mouth properly, clicking, or a tired feeling in your jaw, ear pain, and even migraines.

Implant Retained Dentures

Dentures may serve a useful purpose, but are not known for being comfortable. Patients often have to make significant adjustments in the way they eat or speak, and engage with others, additionally, dentures often result in the foods that you can eat. Retaining your dentures with 4-6 dental implants can significantly increase your comfort and your overall happiness. We can place full arch prostheses, or dentures, to replace all teeth in the lower or upper jaw, retained with implants.

The Implant Surgical Procedure

Your dental implant procedure is individualized to meet your needs. This may require preparatory dental work including the removal of infection, the extraction of teeth, or a bone graft procedure to bulk up your bone. We will review this information with you based on your needs.One your oral health has been addressed, the implant procedure begins with ensuring that the patient is comfortably numbed. You should not feel any discomfort during the procedure. Samuel Seo, DMD will open the tissue at the surgical site, and then using a specialized drill, create the needed space in your bone. The implant will be placed and the surgical site is then sutured closed.Once the titanium post, or multiple posts, have been implanted, the healing process begins. The tissue should heal within a few days, but the bone healing can take 4-6 months.The implant itself will be entirely invisible, it will be under the gum tissue.

Am I a candidate for implants?

There are some considerations to be a candidate for dental implants. It is important that the patient is able to heal properly for the success of implantation. We will want to review your medical history and the medications that you are taking prior to surgery. Patients with diabetes that is not under control will need to gain control before treatment. We will need patients who smoke to stop for a period of time prior to placement. In some cases, we may require an evaluation with a qualified oral and maxillofacial surgeon. 3D radiographs can help us determine your candidacy. Samuel Seo, DMD will evaluate your unique, individual situation and explain your options.

Caring for Your Implants

Following your implant procedure, it is important that you keep up a good oral hygiene routine, we will need your mouth to stay healthy and prevent infection. The care process is simple, you just need to floss and brush daily. Regular dental exams and cleanings are also beneficial to assist in keeping an eye on your oral health. With proper care, your implants should last a lifetime, making it especially important that you follow our care guide.