Multiple Tooth ExtractionTreating a dental problem may vary depending on the location, type, and grimness of each injury. While there are simple home remedies that have been proven clinically effective over time, treating severe tooth damage such as decay, impacted teeth, and broken teeth also have a variety of approaches. One of the more common solutions to severe damage to the teeth is multiple tooth extractions. Removing multiple teeth can cause a feeling of discomfort and when not done right, may lead to infection. We, at PDX Center for Dentistry would like to try avoiding that as we make sure to give our patients the best care available during multiple tooth extractions with the help of advanced technology, equipment, and highly trained staff.

What is A Multiple Tooth Extraction?

Multiple tooth extraction is a complex process in which we carefully remove two or more teeth due to severe tooth damage. Tooth extractions are classified into two categories, the simple extraction, and the surgical extraction. A simple extraction is a procedure used to remove a tooth that can be identified easily in the mouth and is structurally sound enough to be removed easily. The surgical process, on the other hand, is required when a tooth may have been damaged in the gumline or not seen easily identified with a visual examination. Before going through the extraction procedure, we will be conducting an oral examination, and depending on your symptoms, x-rays. This will allow us to diagnose the problem and determine the best course of action to extract the tooth or teeth.

What You Should Know Before Undergoing Multiple Tooth Extractions

Normally, extractions are considered outpatient procedures. However, there are situations in which, depending on the circumstances surrounding the reason for the damage, where this may not be the case. A great example of this is damaged sustained through a vehicle accident in which the patient must remain in the care of medical staff, such as that of a hospital. It is also important that we know about any medications or medical conditions you have before any procedures are begun to ensure your safety, such as a compromised immune system or a blood disorder. These types of conditions can cause problems with a patient’s recovery, and appropriate steps need to be taken on our end to provide a safe and comfortable recovery.

During and After the Procedure

To make the procedure as smooth as possible, we will be offering our patients some safe sedatives during the process to numb the area to limit any pain or discomfort that may be experienced. Normally, the numbing agents take effect in about ten to fifteen minutes, and the extraction itself can be completed in as fast as five minutes, for a single tooth via a simple extraction. For multiple tooth extractions, the length of time increases and is further increased if it is a surgical extraction. During the procedure, you will be monitored by members of our staff, while we perform the extraction. Throughout the process, we will irrigate your mouth and drain the solution to prevent infections from forming. After the procedure, you may be prescribed antibiotics to further prevent the risk of infection. You may also be given something to help manage pain. It is extremely important that you follow the aftercare instructions we provide you with. These instructions will help maximize your healing and prevent the blood clot from becoming dislodged. If you would like to learn more about multiple tooth extractions or would like to schedule an appointment with PDX Center for Dentistry, contact us at (503) 546-9079 today.