Self-Isolation Oral Care During COVID-19

Self-Isolation Oral Care During COVID-19 Posted on 4/26/2021 by Sundberg Office Dental hygiene is one of the main contributors to your overall well-being. During the COVID-19, you must maintain good oral hygiene habits to keep your mouth germ-free and lower your risk of several dental issues. At PDX Center for Dentistry, Samuel Seo, DMD and Dr. Seo can perform a routine dental checkup and offer self-isolation oral care tips durin COVID-19.

Howto Take Care of Oral Health in Self-Isolation

If your tests came back positive, you must keep the rest of your household as safe as possible by cleaning and isolating your things as well. A toothbrush can accumulate bacteria, blood, and saliva, all mediums through which you can spread the virus to other toothbrushes. Once you've recovered, dispose of your toothbrush and buy a new one. Increasing your dental maintenance during COVID-19 is important. You must brush with toothpaste twice every day and floss at least once. Use tongue cleaners to scrape away any plaque and bacteria which cause bad breath. After brushing, always wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. To stop the virus from spreading, you must keep surfaces in your home clean, especially the bathroom. If a loose crown or veneer, it's best to remove it and keep it separate from other items. To avoid pain, reduce your sugar intake. Moreover, if you have a loose denture, use a denture adhesive for a temporary fix until you see your dentist. The bathroom holds all intimate items, such as towels, mouthwash, soap, and shampoo, and contains multiple surfaces that can hold viruses, such as sinks and toilets. Taking care of your oral health during COVID-19 also demonstrates social responsibility. With proper self-isolation oral care, you can prevent gum swelling, bleeding, infection, and other oral conditions that may require a trip to the dentist. At PDX Center for Dentistry, Samuel Seo, DMD or Dr. Seo are ready to help you get the care you need during COVID-19. To schedule an appointment with us, call us at (503) 546-9079 today.

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