Signs Your Tooth May Need a Root Canal

Signs Your Tooth May Need a Root Canal Posted on 8/10/2019 by Sundberg Office We do root canals on patients when the tooth has decayed too much for a simple filling or if you have an infection in the pulp of your tooth. In cases like these, the root canal procedure is the only way we can save your natural tooth. When we perform a root canal procedure, we remove the damaged pulp and place a temporary crown on top of the existing tooth. Once the root canal has healed, we replace the temporary crown with a permanent crown and voila, you have a good tooth again. Here we would like to stress the importance of twice a year dental appointments. If we can see you before the tooth has deteriorated to the point that it needs a root canal, we can usually take care of it with much simpler and less expensive methods, like fillings.

How Will You Know You Waited Too Long?

If you need a root canal you will likely have symptoms that would prompt you to make an appointment anyway. One of the top reasons patients that need root canals contact us is due to pain. If you have pain when you are doing normal activities like eating and drinking, then you may need a root canal. You should contact us quickly because there is also a point where a root canal cannot be performed leaving extraction as the only solution. If you chip or crack your tooth, you should see us. These injuries can lead to infections if they have exposed the nerves beneath your tooth's surface. This would require a root canal and possibly antibiotics. If you need antibiotics you can't get the root canal until the infection is gone. This would entail more than two visits. Another sign is that you become sensitive to eating or drinking hot or cold beverages or food. It may start as an annoyance, but could quickly become a sharp pain. This doesn't always signal a root canal, but if left untreated, it may require one. If you have any injuries, unexpected pain, or increased sensitivity please contact us so we can evaluate the best course of treatment.

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